Najac is a beautiful bastide town about 20 minutes drive away.

It has a picturesque castle which you can walk around and which is lit up at night. There are several good restaurants and various artisan type shops. At the bottom of the town is 'La Base de Pleine Nature' which is a campsite/watersport centre - from here you can go kayaking.


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Cordes 'in the heavens' is called so because of a ring of mist often seen around the lowers part which makes it appear as if it is in the heavens. It is about 25 minutes drive from La Jounaade. It has a fantastic market on a Saturday morning. There are plenty of artisan shops and restaurants as you wind your way up the medieval streets, at the top there is superb panoramic view. To the south of Cordes is the Gaillac region which is renowned for its excellent wine.


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Albi is the prefecture of the Tarn region and is famed for its red brick cathedral 'Sainte Cécile'. It is about 30 minutes drive south of La Jouanade. Being the largest town in the region it has all the shops and restaurants you would expect.


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St Antonin is well know for being the location for the 2001 film Charlotte Gray staring Cate Blanchett. It is about 35 minutes drive west of La Jouanade. It has one of the largest and varied markets in the area every Sunday. There are plenty of quality restaurants here too.

Canoeing down 'Les Gorges de L'Aveyron is highly recommended, as the scenery is stunning.


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Local Towns




Villefranche is a large and lively town with an excellent market on Sunday. It is about 40 minutes drive from La Jouanade.


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Laguépie is a typical village of the region but lies on the confluence of the rivers Aveyron and Viaur. It has a small but very 'french' market on a Friday morning. It is a great place to swim in the river and there is a special jetty area to swim from which normally has a lifeguard. 


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