Introduction to Meditation Sessions

For those who are new to meditation, we offer a 60 minute introductory session that will provide you with all you need to confidently begin your own practice.  The session begins with a short introduction into the philosophy and benefits of meditation before moving on to look at the techniques used. 

A series of short guided meditation exercises are then presented to help gently build your practice, these exercises are interspersed with periods of relaxation and discussion before we move on to the next stage.  For beginners sessions we tend to use Anapanasati, a Buddhist form of meditation that focuses on the breath; however if time allows we may also explore other styles such as the Metta Bhavana. At the end of the session you will be provided with some resources to support you as you establish your own personal practice.


Guided Meditation Sessions

Guided or led meditation is helpful regardless of how much meditation experience you may have.  It can provide support where discipline is lacking and enrich the practice through the cultivation of new perspectives and approaches.  With a choice of meditation styles to choose from (see below), we offer a 30 minute session of guided meditation to those with previous meditation experience or those who have completed the introductory session. 

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Anapanasati is better known as the 'Mindfulness of Breathing'.  It is a form of Samatha meditation which serves to calm, as opposed to Vipassana meditation which serves to create insight.   During this meditation we withdraw from the distracting thoughts that clutter our mind by focusing our attention on the physical sensations of the breath.   By this means we are able to overcome negative compulsions that may drive our thoughts and redirect our energy into creating a more balanced and positive state of mind.


Metta Bhavana, also known as 'the development of loving-kindness', is a soothing yet profound meditation that generates a positive emotional state for ourselves and others allowing us to become more patient, tolerant and compassionate.  It can be practiced as a guided meditation or can be self-led. There are four sections where a mantra is repeated to bestow love to yourself, to a friend, a person you are indifferent to and lastly a person you have difficulties with.  The meditation culminates in a spreading of joy and love to the wider world.



Yoga nidra (yogic sleep) is a powerful, yet incredibly simple, guided meditation technique. As the voice leads you on a journey through the five layers (pancha maya koshas) of the body, a deeply restful state is achieved. Some practitioners are content just to enjoy these profoundly relaxing sensations. Others may use this safe environment to explore personal challenges (samskaras) from a remote perspective and often experience a release from negative emotions.  Whatever your intention for the practice, you will be left feeling rested, nourished and with a sense of wholeness. 



Chakras are wheels of energy or prana (vital life force) that connect to the nerve centres in the body.  There are seven main chakras running parallel with the spine, each effecting our major organs.  As the chakras influence our physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual states it is essential that they are kept free of blockages so that the energy is allowed to flow.  A chakra healing meditation cleanses and restores energy to each of the seven main chakras and brings balance and a state of well-being to the body.


Anything we do can become a meditation; walking, eating, household chores.  Bringing awareness to each and every aspect of the task we are doing allows us to be present in the moment, thus achieving a meditative state.  During a walking meditation we are mindful of the sensations created by each step, consequently the mind is calmed in concentration.  The practice is useful for those who find the stillness required in sitting meditation challenging.  It is also ideal for those who experience tension in the body due to long periods of inactivity.  Overall the practice is extremely sensuous and pleasurable.

Meditation instructor

Sessions are with Susi, an experienced Meditation instructor who has studied and practiced in India, Thailand, Laos, Australia and France, during which time she gained experience working as a yoga & meditation instructor, yoga therapist and bodyworker.  She also has additional qualifications in nutrition and Ayurvedic therapies which are useful tools in yoga and massage work.

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