All yoga sessions at La Jouanade are private and can be enjoyed on a one-to-one basis or as a couple. You can choose where you would like your session: in the Chalet, on the deck, under a shady tree, by the pool or in the meadow with far reaching views, the choice is yours.

Classes last for 60 or 90 minutes and are themed around one or a combination of the styles outlined below. 

Sequences are tailored to suit the purpose of your practice, level of experience and therapeutic needs.  If you are unsure of what style and length of session would be suitable for you, recommendations can be made after a brief consultation.
Each session begins with a few minutes of meditation and pranayama to focus the mind and connect to the breath.  If you would like to explore a deeper meditation and pranayama practice as part of your session then a minimum of 90 minutes will be required.

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Ideal for newcomers to yoga or for those returning to physical exercise after some time away, Hatha is the classical form of yoga that most other styles have emerged from.   A gentle yet powerful form of yoga, the Hatha class usually begins with sun salutations to warm up the body and connect the mind to the breath before moving into a series of static asana (postures).  While holding a posture, which may be standing, seated, prone or supine in nature, direction is given so that the proper muscular-skeletal alignment can be achieved.  In its proper alignment the body’s systems are able to work more effectively whilst strength and flexibility are improved.  The sequence of asana will be interspersed with periods of relaxation which allow the adjustments made to the body to have a more deep-rooted effect.  The slow and considered practice of Hatha Yoga creates great connection between mind and body and improves self-awareness considerably.


More suited to those with previous yoga experience or a decent level of fitness, Vinyasa yoga is a more dynamic form of Hatha Yoga.   Using the same postures as Hatha, the vinyasa class uses a flowing series of movements to transition from one posture to the next:  each of these movements is synchronised to an inhalation or exhalation. The connection to the breath is maintained as the posture is held, usually for a count of five breaths, before flowing to the next posture.  A vinyasa class is wonderful at improving strength and flexibility in equal measure and due to increased internal heat it is also incredibly detoxifying.  The powerful nature of the vinyasa sequence can be quite challenging but it is this, along with the meditative flow, which allows the mind to completely relax and mental strength to be realised.


Suited to all levels of experience and ability, the practice of Yin Yoga involves a series of long-held (around 5 mins), passive floor poses that increase flexibility to the lower spine, hips, pelvis and thighs.  Unlike the more dynamic ‘yang’ styles of yoga which focus on lengthening and contracting the muscles, Yin requires the muscles to be relaxed as moderate stress is applied to the connective tissues (ligaments, tendons and fascia).  During this process increased circulation nourishes the connective tissues, whilst also allowing them to slowly lengthen and become more flexible.   As Yin Yoga favours connective tissues over muscles it cannot be considered a complete practice but serves as a perfect complement to more active forms of yoga. Although gentle in nature yin yoga can be challenging due to the length of time each pose is held – the practice is meditative and a little patience is required.  However when this inner stillness is found subtle shifts in the body can be experienced which can be deeply profound. 

Yoga instructor

Sessions are with Susi, an experienced Yoga instructor who has studied and practiced in India, Thailand, Laos, Australia and France, during which time she gained experience working as a yoga & meditation instructor, yoga therapist and bodyworker.  She also has additional qualifications in nutrition and Ayurvedic therapies which are useful tools in yoga and massage work.

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All prices are subject to a €10 surcharge per visit to La Jouanade (not per treatment).

Payment to Susi on the day of your booking in €Euros cash.

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